Living with Leukemia

Coping with the Cancer

Coping with an unpleasant diagnosis like leukemia is one of the most trying times in an individual's life. Many people are afraid, others angry, others resolved not to let leukemia get the best of them. While undoubtedly a road fraught with setbacks and pain, the path to remission is only walked by those who fight their disease without relenting their struggle, who never give up or lose hope.

Because leukemia often seems like an endless cycle of remission and relapse, drugs and radiation, surgery and pain, many patients despair and sink into depression. It is important to not focus on the negative aspects of suffering a chronic illness, but instead rejoice in the often overlooked positive nature of leukemia. The strength it takes to fight leukemia, the hope that you pass on to people with similar conditions, and perhaps most importantly, the desire to survive can all be inspirations to look on the bright side of your situation.

Succumbing to despair and misery do nothing to help your condition. There are many options available for people with leukemia to seek the help and support they need. Don't think you have to go through this alone.

Hope for Victims of Leukemia

Even though leukemia is still a very deadly disease, there is quite a bit of hope. Improvements in screening, diagnosis, and treatment are responsible for the average survival rates consistently rising in the last 40 years; from 15% in 1960, to 22% in the 1970's, to 46% in the year 2000. True survival rates depend on the type, stage and location of leukemia, but early diagnosis and treatment often improve and lengthen the lives of most victims.

Even though there are still many battles ahead, the future is bright for people with most forms of leukemia. New advances in treatments, such as the breakthroughs in new drugs and immunotherapy, have inspired doctors and researchers to pursue newer and more revolutionary options. In decades to come, medical advancements may even produce a cure for all forms of leukemia. Until then, people with leukemia should never give up hope, for optimism is the keystone of recovery.

International Leukemia Support Groups

Leukemia is unquestionably an incredibly frightening diagnosis to receive. Even though medical science progresses further and further every day and despite hope, treatments, and prayers, victims and their families must confront the reality of a painful and sometimes fatal struggle. Other people seek out others with their same condition, in order to share their experiences and pool their common strength. These support groups have become a vital instrument of therapy, because they not only allow leukemia victims to know they are not alone, but they are also useful platforms for keeping abreast of the latest treatment and therapy technology.

Though it can be scary to join a support group in the beginning, it's extremely important in both the recovery and the grieving processes. Isolation and loneliness can cause as much harm as any disease, and every doctor will extol the virtues of maintaining a positive attitude even in the face of such a devastating condition such as leukemia. Just as important in many support groups, are the stories of survivors; people just like you who beat their cancer, who kept their spirits up by never relenting in their battle. Support groups foster this positive attitude, and as long you can be a part of a caring, compassionate, and loving group of people, you are never alone in your struggle. Find one in your community today.

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